Tatra Heritage Association, in cooperation with its partners, regularly hosts a variety of events, dedicated to the past, present and future of the Tatra brand. We always inform about upcoming events in advance through our website and Facebook social network.

Planned Events

The program of further events is the subject of negotiations.

Past Events

Tatra: The Brand of Many Faces, Brno, September 14th - 15th 2013

The third topical excursion organized by our association has shown various and often not very well-known faces of the Tatra brand. The weekend event took place in our hometown Brno, represented on the UNESCO World Heritage List by the functionalist Villa Tugendhat. Throughout this two-day programme visitors could see the living reminders of car, bus, tram and air transportation along with the motorsport history of a number of cars. As well as in the past years, the organizers had surprises prepared for the participants.

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The first day of the programme is opened by the arrival of participants at the Masaryk Circuit gate. To the visitors' amazement, Tatra 613 Prezident, kindly lent by the Technical Museum Tatra in Kopřivnice, also arrives. Parking inside the circuit premises allows us to go straight to the main building, where we begin our tour of the famous racing circuit, so far without any hydrometeorological damage. The sound of crowds, roaring engines and the smell of gasoline catches everyone's attention immediately. The director of the Autumn Prix allowed us to see the backstage of the race that has just started. The excursion started with a projection followed by a presentation dedicated to Tatra racing cars. After the presentation comes a visit of the press centre, the commentator's booths, timekeepers' post and the central control room. The programme ends with a joint ride on a local road, where the first visitors can see how it feels in the seat of the T 613 Prezident model. An opportunity to see a part of the race is well appreciated. After that we ride with the convoy on the track of the former circuit and head to the centre of the South Moravian capital.

We leave the cars safely parked in the hotel garage and accompanied by sunshine we walk towards Villa Tugendhat, the display window of functionalism. After the official reception we go see the Tatra 75 convertible. A one-of-a-kind concept of luxury is presented to us right at the terrace which offers a fascinating view of the city. One of the examples of unconventional architectural interpretation of Ludwig Miese van der Rohe is the main entrance to the villa from the street which is situated on the top floor. A tour during which we descend through the floors gives us an opportunity to admire the building which doesn't stand out due to its decoration but on the other hand is a tribute to detail. The view from the living room to the garden leaves us speechless. We end our tour with a group photo, and at an unhurried pace, we get ready to leave for dinner.

The Tatra 500 HB mountain bus is not operational for technical reasons, that is why the Karosa ŠM 11, a bus from the collection of the Technical Museum in Brno, takes us to the dinner tabl. The bus attracts well-deserved attention and the passengers would need more hands to wave back at all the passer-bys. Soon we arrive at the Brno Public Transport Company's shipyard and head to the restaurant. Quiet private room, three course meal and a friendly atmosphere. Before the cruise there is a surprise in form of a tour of the shipyard itself where an older craft, powered by a T3 tram engine, is waiting for repairs. The moments spent undisturbed on the deck, water surface reflecting the moonlight, fires burning on the banks, the magnificent silhouette of Veveří Castle and a celebratory drink with refreshments on the way back smoothly end the Saturday programme.


Sunny Sunday morning begins with a meeting behind the hotel garage where the visitors can again experience a ride in the Prezident model. Our convoy arrives at the Brno Public Transport Company depot where we are joined by a guide. While listening to a very interesting commentary, we walk through the vehicle washes, dispatch office, janitors' post and the workshops. We learn about service works, frequency of vehicle inspections and last but not least history of the depot. Our attention is focused on the legendary T3 tram. Interestingly, the T3 is still one of the most reliable tram series. The last part of the tour is a ride on a local road where we also take the second group photo. In a very good mood we head to the next stop.

We get off at the Technical Museum in Brno depository. Grey clouds set the atmosphere in the former military area as well as the tank cannon pointed at our faces. We came in peace and are therefore welcomed by an open gate. Behind the gate we see the Tatra 500 HB mountain bus. As they say, if the mountain bus will not come to a Tatra enthusiast, the Tatra enthusiast must come to the mountain bus. In an off limits area we can admire the result of a 15-year-long renovation. The bus literally shines with newness, the 8-cylinder engine never seemed so powerful and the interior makes one think about sitting in the driver's seat on the way to a snow-cowered cottage. But with noon comes also the time to say goodbye and go back to the hotel for lunch.

After the delicious meal we surprise our guests again. Ing. Jiří Král's presentation dedicated to the construction of the Tatra 613 Prezident prototype is a contribution of our association to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the brand's last introduced passenger car model. The presentation also shows other projects which he and his father, the famous Czech designer Václav Král, worked on. We agree on the Prezident being the nicest from the entire model series and are looking forward to see it ride out of the garage again.

The final part of the programme is taking us to the local international airport. Our visit begins with a show of Tatra vehicles which arrive one after another right in front of us. Soon there are Tatra 613 Runway tester, Tatra 815 TPL, Tatra 815 CAS and Tatra 815 CAPL standing in a line. We can take a look at the cars, document everything and of course touch everything and try everything out. Our group is headed to the control tower, there we have a great view on the airport and we can see the Tatra 815 TPL ride by. We learn everything about air traffic control, communication between pilots and the tower, different scenarios and pitfalls of various weather conditions. After that we have the opportunity to see the landing of an Airbus aircraft. We go to the arrivals and departures hall where we can see all the travelling and business traffic. Statistical data confirm that stature is not a matter of size. With a head in the clouds we head back to the main gate.

Before we say goodbye there is the traditional lottery. Since the association exists for three years we have three main prizes, Ing. Jiří Král draws the numbers and soon we have three lucky winners. Other participants are of course not left empty-handed. Everyone receives a commemorative certificate, a gift bag and gentlemen also receive a tie with the Tatra 87 motif.

We hope to see you next year!

Special thanks: Ing. Jiří Král, for his participation and presentation; Regional Museum in Kopřivnice, o.p.s., for Tatra 613 Prezident; Automotodrom Brno, a.s., for a special tour of the backstage; Technical Museum in Brno, semi-budgetary organization, for transport with the Karosa ŠM 11 vintage bus and allowing us into the workshop; Brno Public Transport Company, a. s., for a prolonged cruise, special shipyard tour, depot tour and for making the T3 tram available; Brno Airport, a.s., for a special tour of the facilities and help with the Tatra cars; Zádruha 1900, s.r.o., for the ties with Tatra 87 motif; Tatra Trucks, a.s., for gifts and promotional material.

Excursion: Fire station Lidická Street, 12/8/2012, Brno

In early December our club visited the fire station on Lidická Street in Brno. It serves its purpose since the 20s of the last century. We were greeted by a member of the fire team and he told us about the operation of the integrated rescue system, how information about special events are processed and what situations can professional firefighters deal with. We also learned how many crews hold permanent service, how many vehicles belongs to a crew and how much time it gets from the fire alarm ring to the departure of vehicles. Most of the time we spent exploring the vast fleet. There's specials for rescue work, for disposal of various accidents and fire fighting. Its place in the garage also has a trio of vehicles TATRA 815. There are two fire engines in the 6x4 version and the automotive crane in the 6x6 version. Finally, we were pleased with positive awareness about modern specials Tatra 815-7. We firmly believe that we will see them more often in the fire service ...

We thank our leader for a very interesting visit and wish all members of the fire brigade team a successful return from each operation!

Tatra MTX V8: Penned by the King of Czech design, August 25 and 26 2012, Lány

The two days thematic excursion, organized by our association during the last weekend of August, fulfilled our expectations and became a source of new knowledge and interesting experience. The main theme of the many months prepared action became the personality and the unmistakable creative manuscript of the front Czech designer, constructer, illustrator and pedagogue Ing. Václav Král (Král in Czech language means King). The two days program paid tribute to his remarkable life story and as well to less known part of history of the Kopřivnice manufacturer with that it is pervaded in a few time periods. Considering the place of holding the excursion program returned also to the beginnings of the independent Czechoslovak state personified by the first president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.

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The excursion participants meet in the Sport Cars Museum compound in the beginning of sunny Saturday morning. Shortly before 2 PM they set out together after the short opening to the exposition of the Tomáš Gariggue Masaryk Museum in Lány. The association members put a bouquet in front of the first Czechoslovak president statue before the opening of extended tour. It is curious that this statue is often criticized because of the allowed reins in rider's hands and the bend head of stallion. The professionally commented tour continues in the Alice Garrigue Masaryk memory hall and the Czech Red Cross. The visit in past is closed with a stop by the admirable overgrown monument of the Masaryk family in Lány cemetery. Mr. Martínek (the former head of the Křivoklát forestry office) takes care of the guests at the entrance to the castle park. Under his guidance they are originally acquainted with the rich history of the Lány manor and the initiation of representative castle usage. A lot of personal experience from long time practice enriches the walk in the surrounding park. All participants return pleasantly tired in a hotel and after the common dinner they sit down to the lecture of our special guest Mr. Ing. Jiří Král.

The prepared presentation containing many authentic photos, drawings and sketches accompanied by the attractive comment afterwards take us closer to the time of car races, the first illustrations, the constructer activity and the continuous building of prototypes and models penned by Mr. Ing. Václav Král. There are reminded many autocross buggies, the idea drafts, the prototype of car Tatra T613 Prezident, the replica of special Tatra T602 Tatraplan Sport, the open super sport car Mysterro and also the little coupé Rebel. The main part of lecture is devoted to the draft, construction and design of the sport car prepared in cooperation with the company Metalex, lately known as Tatra MTX V8. The guests learn everything about beginnings of the unique project, the official presentation to public and the working steps in the context of pre-revolution period. An interesting addition is the actual state of the fifth car with lightly modified body; it is built on an aluminum tube frame and fitted with Porsche unit. Together with the work of Mr. Václav Král, the participants also learn about many interesting things in the professional carrier and projects of Mr. Ing. Jiří Král. The end sidelight is the unveiling of the mysterious draft from the documentary cycle Gen that had to stay secret to the TV crew in the time of filming.


The Sunday morning is borne in the spirit of changes, thereafter a very lately being asleep storm, it is waking up as a blue sky. After an abundant breakfast the guests are gathering in front of the entrance to the Sport Car Museum where they are taken over by our another guest and at the same time guide, Mr. Richard Trajbold. The tour starts in the first floor. We can find a newly completed replica of the car Tatra T603 B5 Marathon de la Route. The start of modified aggregate is added to the introduction of this car. The sound carried throughout the whole exposition in the museum stirs up the live discussion in which the participants continue at the replica of the car Tatra T602 Tatraplan Sport that the Czech actor Luděk Munzar let to be built for the purpose of a historical car race. Many race specials and formula cars of domestic, European and even overseas production are also very popular. The team dialogue makes the curious questions, the exhaustive answers and the words of appreciation followed by enthusiasm. The tour in museum continuous on the ground floor that is nowadays the territory of the black special Eccora V8 Sport coming from the personal model Tatra T700. Together with it we can see also the famous Ford T there that caused a road transport revolution by its serial manufacturing. The tour in the Sport Car Museum closes the visit at depository where are resting in safety or waiting for renovation many unique cars. The study of two seats roadster is numbered among them. It is the result of common effort by Mr. Ing. Václav král and his son, Mr. Ing. Jiří Král.

The afternoon part of program has only one topic and it is the third made exemplar of car Tatra MTX V8. It is the standard steady part of the Sport Car Museum exposition where it is neighbouring on the replica of the car Tatra T602 Tatraplan Sport. However the participants of our organized event meet it on the parking place behind the museum building where they can see and document it without disturbing. The first meeting in the immediate closeness results in a strange chill. The metallic black color by the wish of the former owner gives a special magic to its engaging expression with the pop-up headlights. The opening of scissor doors, the front and the back part of bonnet start a storm of the shutter releases and flashes of cameras. The commentary of Mr. Ing. Jiří Král describes further the used technical and shape solution of the timeless bodywork. The guests are told the basic parameters, the power of engine and other technical data, by Mr. Richard Trajbold. Afterwards there it comes the long expected moment that is devoted to the demonstration of the unique car abilities. The present people meet these abilities by the best way: ride on the seat of front passenger. The surrounding is full of the husky sound of the eight-cylinder engine and smile shows up on faces of the guests. The thrust of engine at higher revs together with its on road performance are breathtaking. However the lack of fuel in the tank immediately reminds us of a fact that even this cosmic looking vehicle combusts petrol. The opportunity to a ride does not even deny Mr. Ing. Jiří Král and so the participants can see the automobile carrying its co-author. And how they are informed after then, this view is an interesting parallel. The thing is that there is Mr. Ing. Jiří Král on the front seat in the photo on the original leaflet, however that time as a headmaster of Metalex company at the wheel...

There is a nice atmosphere at the end of the event. It is liven up by the drawing competition for a small prize and handling over of the gift bags with the promotional items of the association Tatra Heritage, the renovation workshop Tatra Vintage and the partner company TATRA, a.s.

We thank to Mr. Ing. Jiří Král for the extraordinary helpfulness and the very interesting lecture, to Mr. Richard Trajbold for the enormous willingness connected to the prepare of car and the tour to the Sport Car Museum exposition and to all employees of the Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk Museum for the really hearty welcome and the catchy presentation. We look forward for the next meeting and visit in Lány, even today!

Excursion: The Masaryk Circuit, 4/28/2012, Brno

At the end of April, our association has taken this year's first tour dedicated to the Brno Circuit. The relationship of Tatra's competitive past to the original Masaryk Circuit made us to organise this tour. So we came to pay tribute to the art of pilots who won the laurels and became part of the motor sport history. The participants of the tour had a unique opportunity to visit the place during the weekend, without the crowds flowing to the stands. The action on the track, hired by foreign enthusiasts, has livened up. The guide welcomed us in the area shortly before ten o'clock. The programme was initiated with commented presentation in the old press centre where we have been acquainted with the original circuit, the construction of a new circuit and the current form of the site after all modifications. We were very pleased by the mention of Bruno Sojka, Tatraplan Sport and Tatra 607 single-seater. The presentation was followed by a move to the place of timekeepers, traffic controllers and commentators, then stopping on the terrace in the main building and a visit of new press centre, lounges, boxes and a photo shooting on the podium of winners, whose, that day, became all participants. The presentation of the Tatra 613 special emergency vehicle, introduced in detail by the rescue team member, was quite a surprise. The end of the event was in the spirit of sport, during the go-car race, in which the drivers had absolutely the last word.

We thank the Brno Circuit corporation for the preparation of interesting programme, we wish the organizers a number of future champions on the winners podium and we look forward to more exciting sport competitions!

Wrote about us: Clubinfo, Tatra-Register Deutschland

In mid-June our association received the gift of the last number of the magazine Clubinfo, regularly issued by the "Tatra-Register Deutschland" club. To our delight, we found there our extensive article on the April tour, whose author was Mr. Roland Henkel. We would like to share his kind words with you for which we are very grateful.

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Tatra Heritage, two-day programme, April 14 and 15 2011, Kopřivnice

The first event organized by our association took place in mid-April this year. Invitation was accepted by the leadership, the members and the supporters of foreign clubs. The first day, the guests were heading for the Town Hall of the Kopřivnice town to be personally recieved by the Mayor Josef Jalůvka. The next stop of the prepared programme is a visit to the Technical Museum exposition, where the participants are given a unique tour of Tatra brand famous past. The evening program was boosted by screenings of materials from the archives of the technical museum. Another day öf the vent is opened by visiting Tatra Corporation, where the current form of the company, and the last model series are presented. Within a factory excursion, the participants observe the lorry production. After lunch, the participants subsequently leave the factory polygon, where taking a sample of the existing production and during test runs have the opportunity to personally examine the capabilities of a military special. The event end and mutual farewell take place in the afternoon, infront of the administrative building.

We thank all our partners for professional attitude, accommodating treatment and unique experiences and we look forward to the next meeting, together with our foreign friends, associated with the Tatra brand!